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Breaking News And Best Of The Web

The bond market catches Wall Street off guard. Drowning in the money river. Ted Butler’s “last great silver buy.” Bitcoin plunges below $14,000 as several countries move to regulate crypto trading. Doug Noland on the financial markets’ mania. Gold and silver near multi-week highs as futures market structure turns bearish.   

Best Of The Web

Mania – Credit Bubble Bulletin
Drowning in the money river – Peak Prosperity
The last great silver buy – SilverSeek
“You bet your heinie” Bill Gross needs a fatter crayon – Mish
Who moved my Xanax? – James Howard Kunstler
Jeff Gundlach’s complete presentation highlights – Zero Hedge
Early warning signs in COT positioning – Real Investment Advice
2018 market outlook – NorthmanTrader
Why does money inflate? – 24hGold
Market structure – Credit Bubble Bulletin
Jeremy Grantham’s strongest “bubble burst” alarm just went off – Zero Hedge
The debt beneath – NorthmanTrader
The value of bitcoin – Peak Prosperity
My life as a NY Times reporter in the shadow of the war on terror – Intercept




Breaking News

The Economy

1/15    Bond bears still wrong after all these years – Real Investment Advice
1/15    The Chinese are now spending as much as Americans – Zero Hedge
1/15    Globalization is stuck in a trap. What will it be when it breaks free? – Globe and Mail
1/15    China posts largest-ever annual trade surplus with US: What’s it mean? – Mish
1/15    BOJ’s Kuroda sticks with pledge to maintain massive stimulus – Reuters
1/14    The $14 trillion bond market has caught Wall St off guard – Business Insider
1/14    Goldman warns Treasury issuance to more than double in 2019 – Zero Hedge
1/14    The stock market never goes down anymore – Bloomberg
1/14    The household debt ticking time bomb – Investment Research Dynamics
1/14    Has the crack-up boom finally begun? – Daily Reckoning
1/13    The move to $80 oil may be quick – Forbes
1/13    Contemplations on America and 4% GDP growth – Econimica
1/13    Global economy has China’s back as it confronts debt demons – Bloomberg
1/13    U.S. 2-year yield tops 2% for first time since financial crisis – Bloomberg
1/13    Fed pays banks $30 billion on “excess reserves” for 2017 – Wolf Street
1/13    Kodak directors’ massive stock grants day before share spike – Wolf Street
1/13    What has QE wrought? – Mises

Precious Metals

1/15    2018: the wrong lesson on gold investing – 24hGold
1/15    GLD: is ‘it’ happening? – Seeking Alpha
1/15    Jeff Clart — When will gold begin its surge? – FSN
1/15    Gold – a primer for 2017 – 24hGold
1/15    2 gold stocks with high discretionary cash and greater debt capacity – Seeking Alpha
1/14    With real rates staying negative, this may be gold’s year – GATA
1/14    Is Goldcorp Inc. a buy in 2018? – Motley Fool
1/14    Yamana Gold – exciting time ahead – Seeking Alpha
1/14    Record year for Alamos Gold – Northern Ontario Business
1/14    Gold and silver – review of charts – Edge Trader Plus
1/14    7 strong reasons why you should go for gold in 2018 – Birch Gold
1/14    Strange case of the falling dollar – and what it means for gold – Birch Gold

Inflation, Deflation, Currency War, Cryptocurrencies

1/15    Why cryptocurrency is the answer – Spectator
1/15    US inflation stirs global rate rise bets – AFR
1/15    Indonesia central bank warns over cryptocurrencies – CNBC
1/15    Bitcoin mining fees soar as China crackdown progresses – Zero Hedge
1/15    Surging Russian-Chinese trade pressures petrodollar – Zero Hedge
1/15    US gov fears bitcoin will be the next “Swiss bank account” – Bitcoinist
1/15    Even the government is getting in on the bitcoin hype – NY Post
1/15    Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies just the beanie babies of the moment – MarketWatch
1/14    The dollar’s declines are just getting started, Peter Schiff warns – The Street
1/14    KFC accepts bitcoin in Canada now – Motherboard
1/14    Peeking inside an actual bitcoin mine – Mish
1/14    Staggering number of people are buying bitcoin on credit cards – Zero Hedge
1/14    Ethereum & ethos: a tale of two cryptocurrencies – Medium

Real Estate Bubble

1/15    Manhattan median apartment rents crash to lowest levels since 2014 – Zero Hedge
1/14    A plague of million-dollar homes haunts real estate – CBS News
1/09    Why shopping malls are in worse shape than you think – Zero Hedge
1/08    By all measures, a construction boom is shaping up for 2018 – CNBC


1/15    Trump immigration remarks divide evangelicals – Time
1/15    Marijuana challenges our ideas about conciousness – Fresno Bee
1/15    Whistleblower manning seeks US Senate seat – Yahoo!
1/15    Donald Trump’s lawyer paid porn star for silence – Time
1/15    Trump dossier testimony shines light on perilous financial ties – CNBC
1/15    ‘John Kelly is the man Fred Trump always wanted Donald Trump to be’ – Politico
1/15    One-year score card for Trump – GoldMoney
1/14    The Republican exodus is becoming a deluge – Vanity Fair
1/14    North Carolina is ordered to redraw its Congressional map – NY Times
1/14    Spanish and Dutch agree to seek soft Brexit deal – Bloomberg
1/14    How trump made millions selling condos to unknown buyers – Buzzfeed
1/13    ‘Reprehensible and racist:’ Trump’s remarks outrage Africans – Yahoo!
1/13    Shithole, USA – Medium
1/13    EU “empire” plans to grow even bigger despite Brexit – Wolf Street
1/13    Trump blames ‘bad deal’ for London trip cancellation – WaPo
1/13    After Donald Trump said it, how news outlets handled it – NY Times

Offshore Investing

1/15    EU to target UK tax haven territories as trade negotiations begin – Independent
1/09    IRS tyranny against Swiss bankers – FFF
12/20  Americans still can (and should) invest internationally – Nestmann
12/18  EU to force firms to reveal true owners in wake of Panama papers – Guardian
11/23  Doug Casey on the Paradise Papers – Casey Research

Clean Tech

1/15    Tesla solar roof tile mass production began last month – Clean Technica
1/15    Algae may be green energy’s secret weapon – Oil Price
1/14    Electric cars will fail, but we’ll build them anyway – Green Car Reports
1/13    A month in, Tesla’s SA battery is surpassing expectations – Solar Plaza
1/13    Portugal: “unsubsidized” large-scale PV projects top 756MW – PV Magazine
1/13    New York City is suing big oil over climate change – Fortune
1/12    Hype meets reality as electric car dreams run into metal crunch – Bloomberg
1/12    Tesla, Neoen deal would outdo giant battery down under – Bloomberg
1/12    Analyzing Tesla’s 4Q17 deliveries and production figures – Market Realist
1/12    500mw of large batteries installed on US grid in 3 years – PV Magazine
1/12    New algae-based fuel cell five times more efficient – Bio Energy

Art of the Collapse

1/14    Trump actually called these countries shitholes – Jimmy Kimmel
1/06    Popular new Amazon service just comes to your house and kills you – Onion

War, Civil Unrest, Privacy, Creeping Fascism, Police State

1/15    Reflections on “pushing the wrong button” and US drone policy – Mish
1/14    Hawaii’s scary false missile threat – Fox News
1/12    How the government hides secret surveillance programs – Wired
1/12    Public overwhelmingly opposed to endless US military interventions – Nation
1/11    Assange appears in Ecuador database, spurring citizenship speculation – Reuters
1/11    Harlan Ullman – future of Iran and North Korea – FSN
1/11    Big Brother = you – Automatic Earth
1/11    Australia must rescue Assange from the establishment that tortured Manning – Medium
1/11    China: ‘Retaliations’ from ‘all sides’ after new Taiwan bills passed – CNBC
1/10    Syria confirms major Israeli attack on Damascus – AntiWar

Self-sufficiency, Food Security, Survival

1/14    Exercise alters our microbiome. Is that one reason it’s so good for us? – NY Times
1/12    Prepare for the next crisis like this… – Stansberry Churchouse
1/09    The science of hiking – Medium
1/08    Vehicle camouflage for preppers – Survival Sullivan
1/07    ‘Raw water’ is a pseudo-scientific craze that could make you sick – Verge
1/07    Why life speeds up as you get older (and how to slow it back down) –
1/04    The best off-grid homes for preppers – Survival Sullivan
1/03    How to build a complete survival armory for less than $500 – Survival Sullivan
12/31  The only way to keep your resolutions – NY Times
12/30  Top 5 reasons to have a backup rifle in your vehicle – Survival Sullivan

CyberWar, CyberTerrorism, CyberCrime

1/11    Antivirus tools caught with their hands in the Windows cookie jar – Register
1/11    Pentagon faces slew of cyber challenges in new year – Hill
1/10    FBI chief calls unbreakable encryption ‘urgent public safety issue’ – Reuters
1/09    Sad tale of “Spectre” & “Meltdown” and what it means for computer security – Medium
1/09    Many researchers found a 20-year-old chip flaw at the same time – Wired
1/06    Countries on red alert for 2018 cyber war – Independent
1/06    Iran’s cyberwar on dissidents could infiltrate your mailbox – NextGov
1/06    How a researcher discovered the “worst” flaw in Intel history – Zero Hedge
1/05    Spectre meltdown highlight online banking and digital gold risks – GoldCore
1/04    Security flaws put virtually all phones, computers at risk – Yahoo!


1/14    Vermont Senate passes recreational marijuana bill – Hill
1/14    A 94-million-year-old warning about the ocean’s future – Atlantic
1/14    Dolphins show self-recognition earlier than children – NY Times
1/14    Mountain gorillas at home – Atlantic
1/14    AL public health emergency: hospitals flood with flu patients – Ledger Enquirer
1/11    Insect declines: new alarm over mayfly is ‘tip of iceberg’ – Guardian
1/11    Driverless hotel rooms: end of Uber, AirBnB & human landlords – Hacker Noon
1/11    Strange signals from the sky may be signs of aliens – Medium
1/10    ‘Global warming’ in Sahara desert: ‘we woke up to see snow!’ – SHTF Plan
1/09    A lone FDA scientist could end the autism epidemic – Medium
1/09    Scientists just solved a major piece of the opioid puzzle – Wired
1/09    Ecosystems are collapsing, food bowls are next – Bloomberg
1/09    U.S. and Australia battered by opposing weather extremes – Bloomberg
1/08    Intel CEO sold millions in shares before security flaw disclosed – CBS

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